Metabolic Restoration

Week 1

stressed out


In our first class we will discuss exactly what stress is, the different types of stress, the role it plays in your life and why proper management of your stressors are key to achieving results for your overall health.

Week 2 Nutritional periodization


No idea what that means? You'll find out! Week 2 is all about learning what other programs are missing when it comes to diets and why even when you have lost weight in the past it almost always comes back- or why you can't keep that muscle on!

week 3

energy balance & protein


You knew we would get here eventually- calories. Week 3 we discuss calorie (AKA energy!) balance. You will  understand what BMR and TDEE are. We'll also introduce the first of three macronutrients- Protein. Do you know why it's the most important macronutrient? What is a macronutrient? That's what you're here to learn!

week 4

FAts & carbs


This week we learn about the two remaining macro nutrients and why both of them are important to have in your diet.

week 5

vitamins & minerals


We talked about the macronutrients, now it's time to discuss micronutrients. What they are, why we need them, and where to get them from.

week 6 digestion


In week 6 we'll talk about all types of digestive issues, some common triggers that may be causing them, how to fix them and how to move forward without them anymore.

week 7 diving into a defecit


This is what many of you are really here for. What will it really look like for me to lose this 20 pounds? During this class we will go into the numbers of what it will take to sustainably lose that weight.

week 8 moving forward

In our final week we will review everything we have learned back from our first class on. This week we will also discuss options to move forward so you can put everything you have learned into practice.

The time is now!

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