Hi, I’m Tom Schiltz, a Functional Aging Specialist (FAS) and owner of The Fit Stop Fitness Center. Our studio is in
Strykersville, and hails as one of the first training centers in Western New York with a trainer who is an expert on aging
and fitness. I lead a passionate team of professionals – with over 30 years of combined experience – committed to working
together, focusing our knowledge and expertise, and innovating with each client.
So… how did we get here? Well, like so many, I had struggled with fitness most of my life. Throughout high school and a few years after college, I carried around that extra 40-ish pounds, on a relatively de-conditioned frame.
When I tired of that, I began studying exercise and nutrition. I adopted a healthy lifestyle, lost the weight, have
kept if off, and continue to work to improve my overall health and fitness. As I approach age 50, I am now, not only in the best shape of my life, but continuing to improve my fitness.
In 2005, I decided to share the benefits of nutrition and exercise by helping people lose weight and become healthier. Just two years later, in October 2007, The Fit Stop Fitness Center opened its doors.
Our passion is weight loss, toning and conditioning, and we have assisted hundreds of motivated people in achieving their fitness goals. We run the world’s top fitness programs, and have developed a team of amazing people that we call family.
The light bulb went off for me when we helped an 85+ “year young” gentleman get in and out of his chair and bed easier, and bend over to tie his own shoes. After a short period of training he walked in, gave me a big smile, and said how much better he felt. His wife’s comment on his improved balance and energy really hit home with me… It really felt great to know how we’ve helped this “young man”. This got our team brainstorming… imagine if we could effectively help more mature adults, to also help them move better, feel better, become stronger, and just maintain their independence… but how?
When I learned about the Functional Aging Specialist program from the Functional Aging Institute, I knew this was it! I just hadn’t known “it” was called functional aging and that it helps those over 40 maintain their independence and live life to the fullest.
The Functional Aging Institute’s proven program serves the unique needs of older adults looking to renew energy, improve confidence, and increase balance, stamina, and endurance.

Proper exercise is an important building block for


• Bone strength.
• Disease prevention.
• Muscle conditioning.
• Balance and agility.
• Cardiovascular health.
• A positive attitude, to name a few

The time is now. Take some action.




Let’s face it, many traditional gyms and exercise programs are not meeting the needs of the older adult demographic. Many conventional gyms can be very intimidating and often do not offer suitable workout routines. I frequently heard from people they didn’t see results, ended up with injuries, or didn’t know what they needed to be doing to meet their fitness goals. Our programs are different. We set up suitable routines, make sure you’re moving safely, and are seeing results quickly!

The purpose of this Aging Optional program is to help announce and explain a new mission we have to help serve the unique needs of the older adult looking to renew their energy, improve their confidence, improve balance and increase their stamina and endurance.

At The Fit Stop, we provide personalized, fun training and we are conscious of your time. You won’t need to spend countless hours at our studio to see and feel results. You will have more strength and energy, feel more vibrant, enjoy everyday life, and continue doing the things you love to do… or get back to doing the things you want to do!

"Our goal is to help people realize that they can keep doing all the things they need to do, like to do and want to do for a very long time as long as they follow the exercise principles and strategies outlined in the Functional Aging program. Whether it is playing with grandchildren, taking on a new career, climbing mountains, extending the years you get to play golf and tennis, or traveling around the world to exotic places...you can do it all into your 80's and 90's with greater ease and less pain. This is where the Functional Aging Training model and the Functional Aging Institute comes in. We are currently on our way to our goal of having 10,000 certified Functional Aging Specialists all around the world who, over their careers, will guide 10-20 million people toward an entirely different aging trajectory. One that allows people like you to look forward to their next 20-30 years with joyful anticipation knowing that you are doing the best you possibly can to stay healthy and functional. By choosing to connect yourself with Tom Schiltz at The Fit Stop, you’re making a decision that will enrich your life, and the lives of all the people you love, for generations to come. We’re grateful to contribute to that vision."

-Dr. Cody Sipe, PhD Co-founder, Functional Aging Institute