Your FitStop Metabolic Restoration Online LIVE course

Restore your metabolism

Regain control over your health

Learn how to sustain fat loss

8 weeks and 16 coaching sessions

What will I learn?

Take a look at what others are saying 

"I really appreciated the insight of this course, I have spent a year getting physically fit but I was neglecting my nutritional health. This course helped me to evaluate my nutritional goals and align them with my overall fitness. It also helped to understand the proper diet cycle especially the idea of a healthy maintenance phase."

"Within the 8 week course I have already noticed an improvement in my general wellbeing and health. I recover quicker after workouts, I sleep better and have more energy in the evening. Although I am not ready just yet for the calorie deficit, I feel strongly that I will be able to move into that phase with success!"

"I would like to say that I have been around the horn more than a few times. Over the years I’ve done MANY programs. I thought at first... why would I want to do another program? I signed up and then was thinking "that was dumb" what more can I learn? After the first session I was sure this was worth my time and money! Erin did an excellent job with the information. I got a new gumption to continue seeking improved health, even though sometimes we get weary in well doing. It helped me get my mind and body to do the right thing for me!! I would recommend the program to anyone who is going to listen, learn and apply the information to improve their health and life as much we have control of!"

metabolic REstoration


Why diets have failed you in the past

Why the weight always comes back

How to move forward the right way to reach your fat loss goals now and in the future



You will have a coach and a group of like minded individuals who are on a similar path to help support you through your journey

nutrITional Education

You will understand



What they are and why they are vital to understand for your health journey

Let's face it... you've tried before

The programs you've had in the past all had one thing in common- they did not teach you anything new. We know you already know the age old addege "Eat Less, Move More." Here's the thing- there's ALOT more to it than that!

In our program we will educate you about all of the things in your life that may be holding you back, how to move through them, and how to begin a path to a healthier you.

You start off great, then plateau

You hit a plateau... you're so hungry, tired, frustrated, miserable, fed-up. So you give up. 

It's not all your fault! You didn't know what to do, how to do it, or how to sustain it!

We will teach you first, how to repair your slow metabolism. What a diet should look like, how to start it, how to come out of it, and how to sustain your fat loss.

you start a diet, then feel like you're depriving yourself

A lot of people think that there are foods that you eat when you diet, and foods that you eat when you're not- this isn't true!

you have tried it all

There is no such thing as that quick fix your favorite internet or TV personality is trying to sell you.

There are only real results from real work that are established from learning healthy habits, implementing them at your own pace, and sustaining them.

start the right way


We know that fat loss is tough- trust us, it's our job! We know that for every person we can help get healthy, we can save a life. We know you want to be the best version of you possible, we do too! Let us help you get there. We've done the research, we know how to help you apply it to yourself. No need to watch endless TikTok influencers sell you on their detox juice (it won't work). Trust in us to TEACH you how to take control over your health.

our 3 Step Plan

In 8 weeks and 16 classes you will move through our 3 step approach to health.


You don't know what you don't know...

The first step is to get a solid educational base of what living healthy truly looks like. You will learn the entire process- start to finish of what a sustainable diet looks like.



Once you know the big picture, it's time to take a deep dive into where you are currently at in your journey so we know the proper place to start. We know you can't go from crawling to to sprinting, you've got to walk first, then run. 


Time to put what you learn into practice. It will be a practice, because learning something new takes time, patience and consistency. Consistency is what gets you results.

are you ready to feel better?

Here's what you can expect: 

  • Your paradigmn will be shifted- here's a clue - Fat isn't evil, and you can eat Carbs!
  • To learn a lot in a short amount of time because, if you know why you should do something, you're more likely you are to do it, right?
  • To have fun. Knowing that there are people just like you dealing with things just like yours makes trying new things easier and a lot more enjoyable.

We know that education is the key  to success. We are passionate about delivering the best information we can to our Fit Stop family... Becoming healthy is one of the hardest things to do, especially on your own.

Let us help you!


Next group starts the first week of June!

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